Marathon MR50238

The MR50238 features 3800w elements and a tank capacity of 50 gallons. Perfect for a family of 4 to 5 people with normal hot water demands.

This unit is for use in older construction homes with older electrical panels that cannot handle the extra load required by a heater with 4500w elements. If you’re home is newer construction and features a modern electrical panel, you may want to look at the MR50245 with the larger 4500w elements.

The element size does NOT effect the efficiency of the heater. 3800w heaters simply recover slightly slower then their 4500w siblings.

Marathon MR50238 Features:

  • Seamless, blow-molded, polybutene tank – impervious to rust and corrosion 
  • Multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass give the tank unmatched strength 
  • Polyurethane Envirofoam™ insulation helps reduce energy consumption 
  • The most energy efficient in its class 
  • Recessed drain valve is out of the way of brooms and scrubbers 
  • Tough molded polyethylene outer shell resists dents and scratches 
  • Bowl shaped bottom allows complete sediment draining 
  • High temperature polysulfone dip tubes 
  • All plastic tank eliminates the need for an anode rod 
  • Thermally fused element to protect tank against “dry-fire”; low watt, density for long life. 
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve 
  • Factory installed vacuum relief valve 
  • Inlet and outlet connections are 3/4″ NPT 
  • Water tight grommets keep out overhead moisture and condensation 



Capacity: 50 Gallons
Element Size: 3800 Watts (240 Volts)
Tank Height: 66 3/4 Inches
Tank Diameter: 23 1/2 Inches
Weight: 100 lbs
Standards: Meets or exceeds ANSI standard and is UL listed. 
First Hour Rating: 61 Gallons 
Energy Factor: .94 

Service Parts

Marathon offers a full line of service parts for their entire water heater line. The following service parts are available for this model: