Residential Electric Water Heaters

Rheem Marathon™ electric water heaters boast a corrosion-free and highly efficient design that will last a lifetime. The ingenious construction of the seamless blow-molded polybutene tank ensures that this tank is not only lightweight, but also the most durable on the market!

Its high quality elements are made of stainless steel to reduce lime buildup and keep the heater operating and looking like new for life. Marathon’s electric water heaters also offer the greatest energy savings of any other water heater due to its thick EnviroFoam insulation – an environmentally friendly insulation free of ozone depleting CFC and HCFC gases.

As if its award-winning features were not enough, Marathon also offers the best warranty of any electric water heater ensuring that you get the greatest value available in the industry. A limited lifetime no-leak warranty is available for all of the tanks.  The parts have their own six year warranty too!

Designed with you in mind, the Rheem Marathon lifetime electric water heaters will supply your family with hot water for a lifetime.

Marathon Residential Water Heaters: