Heavy Duty Electric Water Heaters

Rheem Marathon™ Heavy Duty electric water heaters were designed to perform efficiently in physically demanding environments and locations that require increased water temperatures.

These models take the formula for the already tough and durable Marathon lifetime electric water heaters and fortify its corrosion resistance through the addition of titanium sheath elements. The result is a tank that is invulnerable to corrosion under the most demanding water conditions, and is capable of invariably providing water at 170° F for many years of reliable service.

The Rheem Marathon Heavy Duty models offer the best warranty in the industry with a ten year warranty on the tank and five years on the parts. This model is the optimal choice for agricultural practices, restaurant owners or anyone that requires the capability to process harsh water and needs elevated water temperatures.

Marathon Heavy Duty Water Heaters:

Marathon MHD85238
Marathon MHD105238