Residential Water Heaters

Marathon’s Residential line of electric water heaters will provide you with years of worry free service. Check out our available models below!

Marathon MR30245
Marathon MR40238
Marathon MR40245
Marathon MR50238
Marathon MR50245
Marathon MSR50245
Marathon MR75238

Marathon MR75245
Marathon MR85238
Marathon MR85245
Marathon MR105245

“Point-of-Use” Water Heaters

Does it take too long to get hot water to your taps in your bathroom or kitchen? Add a point of use water heater and never wash your hands in cold water again!

Marathon MR15120
Marathon MR20120
Marathon MR20230 

Heavy Duty Water Heaters

Harsh environments continually killing your steel tank water heaters? Our Heavy Duty line of water heaters are built to withstand even the harshest of environments.

Marathon MHD85238
Marathon MHD105238

Thermal Storage Tanks

Looking to store hot water from your geo-thermal or solar setup? Install a Thermal storage tank for efficient, leak-free hot water storage. 

Marathon MTS50200
Marathon MTS85200
Marathon MTS105200