Reduce greenhouse gas emissions with renewables and Marathon water heaters

by Justin Albrecht on November 23, 2011

Greenhouse gases and climate change are hot topic these days. Many utilities are beginning to offer renewable energy promoting ‘green tags’ that are helping to reduce our dependence on carbon based fuels and foreign sources of energy.

Unlike every gas water heater, including those new tankless models, Marathons do not create greenhouse gases when powered by renewables such as wind, hydro, solar or nuclear.

Water heating is big load that accounts for 15-25% of residential energy consumption. This is a load that can be easily shifted to renewables, at times when renewables are available as well as efficiently storing this energy for future use.

Name another high impact appliance can make this claim! It’s ok, we’ll wait…

Thermal Storage Applications include:

  • Storing hot water in traditional demand-response and load shifting programs
  • Storing solar energy—both thermal and photovoltaic’s
  • Storing geothermal—“Free” hot water when heat pump is in cooling mode
  • Buffer and/or thermal storage tank for in-floor radiant heat
  • Storing heat from a ‘waste heat’ recovery system

Marathons not only offer excellent thermal efficiency, they are built to last a Lifetime. That means they do not require replacement every 10-years like the average steel water heater. Nearly 10,000,000 water heaters are produced every year. This amount theoretically could be cut by 50% by getting more people using Marathon water heaters.

Imagine the energy savings from all the reduced manufacturing activities. Transporting/storing finished goods, fuels used in re-installation service and removal of the failed tank. Possible recycling of materials every 10-years!

The few Marathons that fail find a ‘second life’ as rain barrels, insulated residences for domestic and wild animals, fish ponds and more. Marathon’s that cannot be ‘morphed’ for another use can be finally burned as fuel. Thus possibly generating more electricity!

Make a significant reduction in greenhouse gases while saving money with an efficient Marathon water heater.

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