Electric Water Heaters – the forgotten appliance in your home?

by Chris Talarico on August 6, 2012

Did you know that water heaters make up the second largest energy use in homes? The energy used to generate hot water can make up 15-25% of a household’s total energy use.  The choice of water heater is rather important since it can settle a home owner with low or high energy bills for years to come.

Marathon Water Heater

With an energy factor of up to 0.94EF, Rheem Marathon water heaters can provide significant energy savings. Using electricity to generate hot water is very efficient. Most Marathon water heater tanks lose less than 5% of heat per 24 hour cycle. If you live in a rural area prone to energy outages, a Marathon water heater can supply you and your family with hot water while you are waiting for the power to be restored. Marathon offers a 50 gallon tank which will allow a family to go for quite some time before running out. If you are worried about your hot water needs and would like the assurance of more capacity, you can get a larger tank to create an even bigger hot water supply buffer. Depending on your needs, Marathon water heaters also come in 15 gallon, 20 gallon, 30 gallon, 40 gallon, 75 gallon, 85 gallon, and 105 gallon tank sizes.

Another thing to consider when choosing a water heater is durability. Water heaters are often hidden in closets, basements, garages, under staircases, or in laundry rooms.  Leakages can cause damage that you may not become aware of until it is too late requiring costly repairs of flooring material, floor joists, and drywall. Marathon water heaters, manufactured in the United States of America, have a lifetime warranty against rust or corrosion, which may make a Marathon water heater the last water heater you will ever buy. The cross-linked polybutylene fibers make Marathon water heaters close to indestructible even under harsh water conditions.

Laundry room installation: Marathon water heater

Rheem Marathon water heaters are special and anything but your average electric tank you can find at a Home Depot. In addition to the many high quality features, installation of Marathon water heaters is easy and straightforward. If the time comes, you can buy a Marathon water heater at GP Conservation. The outfit is the largest factory authorized retailer of Rheem Marathon tanks in the continental USA. They will ship the water heater right to your home or business. If you need someone to do the installation for you, call a contractor that specializes in the installation of efficient water heaters.

The pictures below show an 85 gallon Marathon water heater installed in a laundry closet in a senior couple’s home in Portland, Oregon. Having gone through more than 6 water heaters during their lifetime, the couple decided to eliminate the perpetual task of swapping out water heaters once and for all and installed a Rheem Marathon water heater.



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